Generate reports

You can generate reports for each job to share internally or with customers.

  1. Within a job, select the Reports tab.
  2. Select a report from the menu.
    • Customer Report: Shows the job information and a job summary including all the rooms, items, and boxes (full inventory). This report was created for sharing with customers.
    • Signed Reports: Shows reports and authorizations signed by the customer and uploaded to the online instance.
    • Inventory Report: Lists inventory items for the selected job. This is designed for internal use, and therefore the layout is more space efficient. Select Total by Condition to group items together by condition code.
    • Category Details Report: Lists the total number of items/boxes by Category or Selector codes. Another internal report for use in comparing item inventories with Xactimate.
    • Images Report: This report shows all of the images for a job grouped by Room. If you choose four images per page, the following information is also shown for each image: image name, taken by, date taken, comments, and item ID.
  3. Select the company header, model statement, and orientation.
  4. Select the Filter check boxes for statuses of items (Clean, Questionable, Replace, and Storage) that you would like to include. 
  5. Select which condition codes you would like to include.
Leaving the filter at <NONE> will include items with all conditions.
  1. Select the check boxes for report items you would like to include (cover sheet, job summary, room summary, item details, and internal notes).
  2. In the Report Comments field, enter any comments you want to include in the report.
As you make your selections, the preview to the right will update automatically.
  1. Click .
  2. Click Download Report to open the report PDF in a new tab where you can save and print.

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