Generate analytics reports

Instance admin users can generate reports about the productivity of your instance.

Skip to the 2:52 mark for information specific to analytics reports.

Generate an analytics report

  1. Under Tools, select the Analytics tab.
  2. Select a report (see list below) from the menu.
  3. Select a start and end date.
  4. If you selected the Location Audit Report, enter a container to audit.
  5. Click .

ContentsTrack has five different analytics reports:

  • Chain of Custody Report: This report shows the progress from container to container, location to location for items in a specific job. It includes the exact dates and length of time that they are at each location.
  • Instance Statistics Report: This report displays statistics for the selected instance within a specified date range. These statistics include: Jobs Created, Jobs Closed, Items Scanned, Onsite Inventories Delivered, Onsite Inventories Returned, and Pack Back Tasks.
  • Location Audit Report: This report shows you how long items are residing in a specific container.
  • Location Throughput Report: This report shows how many items were added and removed from all of your containers during a specified date range.
  • User Productivity Report: This report allows you to view statistics for all your users at once. You can see the number of tasks they were assigned, tasks they returned, and the average time it took them to return a task.

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