Generate Analytics Report

ContentsTrack offers comprehensive analytics reports to administrators, enabling them to assess the productivity across all jobs within their company.

ContentsTrack's Analytics Report Options:

  1. Chain of Custody Report: This report tracks the progression of items from one container to another and from location to location within a specific job. It includes precise dates and durations at each location.
  2. Instance Statistics Report: This report presents statistics for a chosen instance within a defined date range. These statistics encompass metrics such as Jobs Created, Jobs Closed, Items Scanned, Onsite Inventories Delivered, Onsite Inventories Returned, and Pack Back Tasks.
  3. Location Audit Report: This report offers insights into the duration items remain within specific containers.
  4. Location Throughput Report: This report illustrates the quantity of items added to and removed from all containers during a specified date range.
  5. User Productivity Report: This report allows administrators to view aggregated statistics for all users simultaneously. It includes metrics such as the number of tasks assigned, tasks returned, and the average task return time

Generating Analytics Report:

  1. Navigate to Tools, then select the Analytics tab.
  2. Next, click on the dropdown menu labeled Choose a Report and select the desired report.
  3. Depending on the selected report, additional input options may appear, such as:
    1. Location
    2. Job
    3. Start and End Date
  4. Once the necessary inputs are provided, click on Generate Report to generate the desired analytics report.

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