Export an inventory to Xactimate and XactContents

You can export inventory items to XactNet addresses, which can then import into supported versions of Xactimate and XactContents.

An XactContents subscription is not required.
  1. Within a job, select the Inventory tab.
  2. Click .
  3. Complete the Send Inventory to Xactimate form (see the inventory options below).
  4. Click .

Export inventory options

  • Items to export
      • Select to export all inventory items.
      • Select to export only items with a specific status.
  • Exclude Internal Notes
    • Select to exclude internal notes on the exported items.
  • Exclude Images
    • Select to remove all the images from the export.
  • Consolidate by Category/Selector Combination
    • Select to combine line items that have the same Category/Selector combination.
  • Consolidate Rooms
    • Select to consolidate line items, as explained above, within each room of the job.
  • Send to XactNet Address
    • Enter the XactNet Address you want to export the inventory to. 

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