Add a Condition Code

Updated 2 years ago by Jill Bowers

Condition Codes are attributes that can be assigned to inventory items, enabling ContentsTrack to be further customized for your workflow.

For example, Condition Codes allow a user to add more detail to the four generic statuses of clean, replace, questionable, and storage. A condition can be applied to send an item to electronics, hand clean, etc. When an item is scanned back to the loading bay or any other container, the condition code pops up and directs the user where to send an item or what action to perform.

You can assign a Condition Code to an item on the Inventory page.

Add a Condition Code

  1. Under Tools, select Preferences.
  2. In the Condition Codes section, click .
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Enter a three-character code. For example, HCL could be used for "Heavy Cleaning".
  5. Select a color.
  6. Click .
You can edit a Condition Code by clicking it's hyperlinked name in the Condition Codes section.

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