Register mobile devices

Registration for mobile devices is completed by the mobile user. The user will need the XactNet address for your instance as well as their Xactware ID information. 

You can find the XactNet address of the online instance by logging in to ContentsTrack online and clicking your name in the top right corner of the home page.

For more help, view the Setup Part 6: Mobile training video.

Mobile registration instructions

  1. Open the app in your mobile device and enter the required information: 
    • Xactware ID 
    • Password 
    • XactNet Address of online instance 
    • Device Name
  2. Click Register. The device will sync.
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN. You will use this PIN every time you log in. 
If you forget your PIN, your administrator can reset it in ContentsTrack online.
  1. The device will appear in the Users/Devices page in ContentsTrack online. Your device is ready.
When a mobile user logs in, they will need to select their email address (Xactware ID) from the list and then enter their PIN.

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