Setting Up and Managing Defaults and Item Filters

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ContentsTrack provides convenient options to streamline inventory management and tailor item filtering to suit your needs, enhancing efficiency in your operations.


Defaults functionality enables you to establish preset values for inventory item status, category, selector, and packaging location. Additionally, it offers the ability to enforce defaults on devices, ensuring consistency across users and preventing individual customization.

How to Set Up Defaults / Device Lockdown:

  1. Navigate to Tools, then select the Preferences tab, and choose Defaults.
  2. In the Defaults section, adjust the value for the inventory item status, category, selector, or packaging location.
  3. To lockdown this default on devices, select the checkmark under "Lockdown on Devices". This will prevent it from being changed on individual mobile devices.
  4. Click Save to apply the changes.

Item Filter

Item filter enables you to specify which items users can add or exclude from an inventory. Only Clean, Questionable, and Storage items are available for selection in the filter. Replace items are not included. Any adjustments made to the items filter will be applied across both ContentsTrack online and mobile platforms.

How to Set Up your Item Filter

  1. Navigate to Tools, then select the Preferences tab, and choose Item Filter.
  2. In the Item Filter section, utilize the search bar to find specific items you wish to include or exclude.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow to view the contents of each category.
  4. Choose either an entire category of items or select specific items to include or exclude.
  5. To include an item, check the corresponding checkbox; to exclude it, uncheck the box.

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