Distributing and Managing Tasks (and Errors)

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After creating a job, your next step is to distrbute tasks to your mobile users for the packout and packback process to commence. These tasks will appear in their mobile app, enabling them to either add items (for packout tasks) or return items (for packback tasks).

Distributing Tasks:

You have the option to choose the users or devices to which you'd like to assign pack out/pack back tasks for the job.

  1. Navigate to the job and access the Distribute Tasks tab.
  2. Click Distribute To, you can then select users or devices you'd like to get the task assigned.
  3. Once all users/devices are selected click Distribute.
Task Details:
  • Device/User: The task is assigned to a specific device or user.
  • # Items: Number of items uploaded with the task.
  • Status: The current status of the task after being distributed.
  • # Images: Number of images uploaded with the task.
  • Image Status: Status of the image upload.
  • Date: Indicates the date of the most recent status change.
Task Statuses:
  • Queued: The task has been sent to the user/device but has not yet been received. (Packout only)
  • Delivered: The user has received the task on their device.
  • Returned: The user has completed the task and uploaded it back to ContentsTrack online.
  • Request Submitted: The task has been sent to the user/device but they haven't downloaded the tasks data to their app. (Packback only)

Assigning Packout Tasks to a Job

Packout tasks are usually distributed via ContentsTrack Online once a job is generated online. If sent directly to the user, they automatically link to the relevant job. However, mobile users can also create a job within the mobile app. If the mobile-created job shares the same name as an existing job in ContentsTrack, it will also link automatically. Otherwise, it must be manually assigned to a job within ContentsTrack Mobile.

To assign jobs to tasks, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Main and select the Jobs tab.
  2. Navigate to the Notification Center table.
  3. Click the Select Job tab to view tasks requiring assignment to a job.
  4. Click on the task's hyperlink. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to select or create a job for the task.
    The task's hyperlink includes the job name in parentheses, as indicated by the mobile user during task creation.
  5. Choose an existing job from the list or click New to create a new job.
  6. Click Import to add the task inventory data to the selected job.
    When creating a new job, the Job Name field is automatically filled with the name indicated in the uploaded task.

Other tasks that were imported successfully without needing assignment should also show up in the Notification Center under the All tab.

Resolving Errors

Uploaded tasks occasionally contain errors due to duplicated box or item ID numbers. You can quickly resolve these using the Notification Center errors filter.

  1. Navigate to Main and select the Jobs tab.
  2. Navigate to the Notification Center table.
  3. Click on Errors.
  4. Click the View Error link to review the error information.
  5. Click the View Item link to make changes to the ID.
  6. Click Save and Close.
  7. Repeat for each item in the list.
  8. When you have saved a new ID for all of the items in the list, click Mark as Resolved.

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