ContentsTrack job workflow

Welcome to ContentsTrack. ContentsTrack is available on two complementary platforms: online and mobile. ContentsTrack online is primarily designed for the office work: creating jobs, printing tracking labels, and tracking boxes. ContentsTrack mobile is designed for the onsite work: packing boxes, scanning labels, and creating inventories. We’ve created this short guide to introduce you to the standard ContentsTrack job workflow.

Creation (Online)

Create a job

You can add a job on ContentsTrack online by clicking Add Job on the Jobs tab. You may also create jobs from mobile, even without an internet connection, by clicking the  button. Once you return to a mobile connection, your newly created jobs will sync with your online account. 

Next, you need to generate and print ID labels for your inventory and boxes. Each label will have a job name and unique number. See Print IDs for more information.

Distribute tasks

After you have generated your labels, you can distribute the job as “tasks” to multiple users and mobile devices. This allows several employees to work on one job at the same time. At the beginning of a job, the tasks will be Onsite Inventory tasks during Packout. Towards the end of the job, the tasks will be Pack Back tasks to return the contents to the customer site. For more information, see Distribute tasks.

Packout (Mobile)


Online users distribute tasks that follow a standard workflow to mobile devices. 

  1. Obtain Authorization: Request permission from the customer to handle their contents and throw away non-salvageable items. This can be used for any legal document requiring a signature. See Company Document Setup for more information.
  2. Label rooms: Painters tape can be used to label the rooms.
  3. Take pictures: At least one picture should be taken in every room. If drawers are to be packed out, take a picture of the contents in the drawer to assure the items are in the right order. See Add an image for more information on managing your images in ContentsTrack.
  4. Pack: Pack up the furniture and boxes. Make sure to pack the time-sensitive items first. Large items should be tagged or labeled separately.

Inventory (Mobile/Online)

Mobile users complete the Onsite Inventory tasks and upload the inventory (including item details and attachments) to ContentsTrack online.

  1. Enter items: You can search for an item’s description, which will be linked to a CAT SEL for Xactimate pricing. Manual user entry items are USER MISC.
  1. Scan: Scan your items and corresponding boxes so that they can be tracked later.
  2. Take pictures: Take pictures of what is inside each box, as well as any other item with an ID/barcode.
  3. Record additional information: Notes, condition codes, and other item-specific information can be added to each item.
  1. Review all items: Review all items to ensure that everything is accounted for.
  2. Upload inventory: Upload the inventory to ContentsTrack online. 

This process can take a long time, depending on the number of items and images. See Inventory for more information.

Move from Onsite to Warehouse or storage (Mobile/Online)

Items can be tracked, online or on the mobile devices, as they move through the cleaning and restoration process. See Tracking for more information.

Pack Back (Mobile)

When you are ready to return items to the owner, it is time for the Pack Back task. Pack Back tasks are distributed from ContentsTrack online, and are a snapshot of the job at the time of distribution. This task can be very large due to photos and item details that need to be on the device for offline access. After the mobile user has downloaded the Pack Back task, they mark each item as returned and sync their device. The online user can then see which items have been returned. Watch the Onsite Pack Back training video for more information.

For more help understanding ContentsTrack, please watch our training videos, or visit our helps and eService center.

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