Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need XactContents to use ContentsTrack?

No, all cleaning line items for contents are already within Xactimate.

Do I need bar code scanning equipment?

No, your mobile device will handle all scanning.

Do I need an internet connection to capture the inventory at the packout site?

No, you can work entirely offline and then upload the inventory through WiFi once you reconnect to the internet.

What is an instance?

An instance is a virtual network that lets you share and communicate securely with other members of your organization through the Xactware cloud. Instances are customized with configurations and settings specific to your workflow.

Can I use multiple devices on a single job?

You can use as many devices on a single job as you would like to for no additional cost.

Can I really export the inventory straight from ContentsTrack to Xactimate?

Yes. Every Xactimate line item that relates to contents cleaning is in ContentsTrack and will auto-populate based on your descriptions. After the inventory is captured it exports straight into your Xactimate estimate where the pricing is automatically applied. See Export an inventory to Xactimate and XactContents.

Can I export the inventory from ContentsTrack to XactAnalysis?

No. You can only export your inventory to Xactimate, XactContents, and ClaimXperience. See Export an inventory to Xactimate and XactContents and Invite a policyholder to collaborate via ClaimXperience's Customer Portal.

What hardware will I need to purchase to use ContentsTrack?

No special printer, no custom labels, and no bar code scanning equipment is necessary to use ContentsTrack. Most smart phones or tablets will work for ContentsTrack (click here to see a list of supported devices). Regular Avery labels are supported for the bar code scanning.

I created a user, but that user is not able to log in. Why?

Mobile users need to register their device before they can log in. Mobile users also need a 4-digit PIN. If they have forgotten their 4-digit PIN, you can reset it.

How do I resolve an error in the Notification Center?

Task import errors usually occur because an item or box does not have a unique ID. See Find and resolve import errors for more information.

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