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Containers in ContentsTrack represent the physical spaces where you store items throughout the onsite inventory and pack back process. You can also use Containers to denote your specific workflow processes. 

You can use the Containers page (under Tools) to track inventory items as they are moved to different containers through the workflow. 

You can also print container IDs.

Container types

All containers are assigned a "type." 

The "Station" type needs to be set for any station that will be accessed from the Stations page.

Location types: Location, Structure, Vendor, Truck, Room, Area, Shelf, Station

Mobile Container types: Rack/Cart, Vault 

Container views

You can view your company's container setup in a table or a hierarchy tree.

Table View

Select Table View to quickly see the status of each container and how many items are in it.

Select the # Items hyperlink to see the inventory for that container. From there, you can edit items or go directly to a job's inventory page.

Tree View

Select Tree View to see or edit your container hierarchy in real time. This view shows you where your mobile containers are currently located. 

You may need to edit the layout as processes, statuses, and locations change.

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