Add an item to a job's inventory

  1. Within a job, select the Inventory tab.
  2. Select a room in the Rooms menu.
  3. Click . The Add Item window appears.
  4. Enter the item details (see Add Item options below).
  5. Click . The Box ID is automatically saved for the next item.
Once an item has been added to an inventory, only a user with administrator rights can delete it.
You can use ContentsTrack to generate unique barcodes for Box IDs, Item IDs, and Container IDs.  For more information, see Print IDs.

Add Item options

If you want to track the item, you must enter a unique item ID.

Details tab: Add or edit item details, then click Save. You must save your changes before you can navigate to the other tabs.

  • Status: Select a status for the item (clean, replace, questionable, or storage). When you change between a cleaning status and replace status, the CAT/SEL fields will change to USR MISC.
  • Location: Select the item's container.
  • Category: Enter a category code for the item. This can match the category codes in Xactimate price lists.
  • Selector: Enter a selector code for the item. This can match the selector codes used in Xactimate price lists.
  • Item ID: Enter the item ID (must be unique). If two items have the same ID, one of them will need to be changed in order for the item to be tracked using the ContentsTrack Tracking and Stations tools.
  • Box ID: Enter the box ID (must be unique). Box IDs can only be reused for items in the same job and location as the box itself.
  • Description: Enter an item description. This field is required.
  • Condition: Select one or more condition codes for the item.
  • Brand: Enter a brand (manufacturer) of the item.
  • Model: Enter the model name or number of the item.
  • Reported Cost: Enter the reported cost for the item.
  • Quantity: If you are describing more than one item, enter the number.
  • Age: Enter the age of the item as a decimal value (1.25 or .5). Or enter it like this: 1,4 (this would be 1 year, 4 months), and ContentsTrack will convert the age to a decimal value.

Notes tab: Add, edit, or delete notes about the item, then click Save.

Images tab: Add or delete images of the item, then click Save. For more information, see Images.

Recordings tab: Add or delete audio recordings about the item, then click Save.

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