Assign a task to a new or existing job

Updated 2 years ago by Arianne G.

Tasks that are returned to ContentsTrack online are displayed in the Notification Center. Tasks matching an existing job name are automatically associated with and imported into that job.

Tasks that do not match an existing job name need to be manually assigned to an existing job or a new job.

  1. Under Main, select the Jobs tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Notification Center table.
  3. Click . The list will show only tasks that need to be assigned to a job. 
These tasks were created ad-hoc by the mobile user.
  1. Click the task's hyperlink. A dialog box appears where you will select or create a job to assign the task to.
The task's hyperlink will include the job name in parentheses, which is indicated by the mobile user when they created the task.
  1. Select an existing job from the list, or click  to create a new job for this task.
  2. Click  to add the task inventory data to the job you selected.
When creating a new job, the Job Name field is auto-filled with the job name indicated in the uploaded task.

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