Print Container IDs

Print container IDs so you can easily scan and track items as they move through the workflow. ContentsTrack uses standard Avery labels.

Containers with the Location or Structure type, will not receive a bar code. Every other container automatically receives one.
  1. Under Tools, select the Containers tab.
  2. Click Print Container IDs, found at the top left of the page. A dialog box appears.
  3. Complete the form (see options below).
  4. Click Print. ContentsTrack generates a PDF for you to print onto your labels.
  • Company Name: Enter the name of your company.
  • Type: Select a Label type (Barcode or QR code, and number of labels per page).
  • Starting Cell: Click the barcode icon to select a cell to start printing in. This is useful if you have a partial page of labels.
  • Select All: Click to select all of the containers.
  • Select Location: Click to select only the Locations containers.
  • Select Mobile: Click to select only the Mobile containers.

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