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You will need to print ID labels for your inventory items and boxes. ContentsTrack is designed to print on standard Avery labels. 

  1. Within a job, select the Print IDs tab.
The Job Name and Customer Name fields are auto-completed with the information from the Job Info page.
  1. Select a Type (Barcode or QR code, and the number of labels per page). 
Click the  icon to see compatible Avery products for your selection.
  1. If you are using a partial page of labels, click the  button to select a Starting Cell.
  2. Enter a Quantity.
  3. Adjust the Font Size slider to match your preferences.
You can view how your adjustments will look in the ID Preview pane, located below the History pane.
  1. Click . A PDF is generated and opens in a new tab.
  2. Print the PDF onto your labels.
The Print IDs page keeps a history of your previously printed IDs. Click a Range link on the History pane to load a previously printed ID; you can then modify the Label Type, Starting Cell, Customer/Company Name, and Font Size to suit your new IDs.

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