Distribute Pack Out tasks

After you create a job, you can distribute the job as tasks to multiple users and mobile devices.  In this way, several employees can work on one job at the same time. Tasks can be distributed as Pack Out tasks (new job with inventory for capture) or Pack Back tasks (inventory to be returned to the customer site and packed back into the home).

  1. Within a job, select the Distribute Task tab.
  2. Click  within the table of the task type (either Pack Out Tasks or Pack Back tasks) that you want to send. A dialog box appears.
  3. For Pack Back tasks, you will see the following options: Exclude Attachments and Exclude Status. 
    1. Select the Exclude Attachments check box to reduce the download size for the mobile user. 
    2. Select an Exclude Status check box to exclude items with specific statuses from the task export. 
The "Replace" status is selected by default.
  1. Choose to distribute the task to either  or .
Administrators can add users and devices on the Users/Devices page.
  1.  Select the check box for the users or devices that you want to send the task to. 
Devices need to be registered to receive tasks.
  1. Click  (for Pack Out tasks) or (for Pack Back tasks).
  2. On the Distribute Task page, click . The Status will be "Queued" until the mobile user syncs their device. Then the status will change to "Delivered."

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