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Closing statement

A Model Statement which appears on the final page of printed documents.

Estimate details

The section of the Project Info tab that includes basic project settings such as the Type of Estimate.

Estimate status

The status of an estimate (or form). The status can be either In Progress or Completed.

File number

A reference number for the project. 

Form builder

Form Builder is the area where a user cam create custom forms to be used by field inspectors. The form builder section is only avilable to those who have Forms+ enabled on their instance and the Modify Forms right applied in their security group.


A customized document header that can be added to reports.


Hotspots is a search method for users that prefer to find estimate items visually. Each Reference Image contains several Hotspots that represent the typical items that would be found in that particular type of room.


A virtual installation of Xactimate. Instances can be compared to network installations of Xactimate but in an online environment.

Item definition

The official definition of a line item, provided by Property Estimating Solutions, that can be attached to the item as a note.

Labor minimums

Used to calculate the minimum charge that a contractor will allow to cover for drive-time, setup time, etc.


A code that enables you to use a Verisk product.

Opening statement

A Model Statement that appears on the title page of printed documents.

Organizational unit

Organizational units allow admins to separate different units of their company and grant them specified access to projects, etc.


The Preset dropdown menu allows you to select a Client Default for manually-created projects. When a preset is selected, all fields controlled by the preset will be automatically populated.

Price list

A list compiled by Property Estimating Solutions of general quoate items, contents cleaning items, and sales tax jurisdictions.

Project notes

This is an area of the Project Info page where a user can keep various notes. These notes will be attached to the project, but they will not appear on any reports.

Project type

There are three types or projects in XactPRM: estimates, forms, and assignments (projects issued to the vendor by the profile owner).

Property estimating solutions ID

An ID that can be used to access Property Estimating Solutions products and services. 

Quick estimate

Quick estimates contain one or more line items that can be added to an estimate all at once.

Reference image

Reference images allow the user to visually see various types of rooms to assist in determining the desired line items that need to be added to a room. The various image types are: Basement, Bathroom, Bedroom, Exterior, Floor, Framing, Garage, Kitching/Dining, Living Room, Office, Pool, Preservation, Roof, Stairs, and Other.

Security group

A group of users that have specificied access and rights within XactPRM.

Unit price

The price for a single unit of measure of a product.

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